The most significant mission of our agent business is to create the best environment for the athletes to concentrate on the development of their ability and the best negotiation and arrangements of the employment contracts with the clubs and related parties, because of the purpose of maximizing the value of the athletes and supporting them as a good advisor.
To achieve this mission, we continuously communicate with each athlete to realize their visions and support the contract negotiation between athletes and clubs.
In addition, needless to say, we also support them to introduce the professionals which directly are related to their performance, for the purpose of making both the best condition keep and their life stable.
Since our start of the company, we have engaged in the contract negotiations for more than 100 international & domestic athletes, and more than 15 coaches.
For the coming decades, we are willing to manage the successful transfer contract negotiation for all related customers, with leveraging our global network and know-how based on our abundant information and research of the following markets such as Europe, Australia, Middle-East, China, South Korea and other Asian countries.

Our Achievements (Highlight) – Players Transfer

Pierre Littbarski, Frank Ordenewitz
Dragan Stojkovic
Carlos Alexandre Torres, Franck Durix
Candido Valdo, Zeljko Petrovic, Tarik Oulida
Astuhiro Miura, Seigo Narazaki, Atsuhiro Miura, Fernando Picun
Takayuki Yoshida, Kenji Fukuda
Masahiro Koga
Hayuma Tanaka
Patrick Mboma
Joshua Kennedy
Matthew Spiranovic
Jung Woo Young
Ryo Nagai, Park Kwang Il, Do Dong Hyun
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Our Achievements (Highlight) – Coach

Arsene Wenger
Pim Verbeek
Ivan Hasek
Dragan Stojkovic
Zeljko Petrovic