eAMA is mainly implementing following for the management business, utilizing the abundant experiences and networks.

Athlete Management

In addition to their contract & transfer negotiation, eAMA provide athletes conducts various business supports. These supports include integration between athletes & fans, such as raising the awareness and create additional value to the athlete.
Moreover, these supports include any activities to enhance the performance of athletes, and also maximizing their income. Endorsement contract between sports products companies, advertisement contract between general companies, exposure to media, planning and producing commercial goods utilizing the image right of athletes, launching official website of players.
We fully support athletes from the beginning to the final of each contract, and our supports areĀ utilized widely from the fans, general companies, sports manufacturers and media.

Football Academy

Leveraging the networks between athlete, club and association, eAMA is engaging in the football academy business.
We completely provide important essence to organize football academy, such as creating coaching policy, introducing high quality coaches, lecture of coaching principle, organizing training camp.

Sports Consulting

eAMA also provides consulting service for various sports related company to solve their problems and lead the organization to their development.
Specifically, eAMA implements support activity related to organization of sports facility, contracted
business, business proposal, and marketing activity, for the objective to provide any solutions to the problem of clients.
So far, we have consulted luxurious golf course, famous motorsport circuit and representative professional football clubs.
Utilizing the knowledge of specialists, we provide any solutions to our clients through our effective
proposal regarding the facility, and advice for fund raising related to the extension or reconstruction of facility.